Singer Jessie J has said she is "very happy" in her relationship with actor Channing Tatum and admits his young daughter is "absolutely lovely".

The 31-year-old Price Tag hitmaker has been dating the 39-year-old Magic Mike actor for almost a year, shortly after Tatum parted ways with his ex-wife Jenna Dewan, with whom he has a six-year-old child called Everly. 

Speaking to the Times, Jessie, who was told by doctors in 2014 that she is infertile, said that she gets on swimmingly with Tatum's daughter.

When asked if it’d been difficult meeting her for the first time, she said: "God no! She’s just six and absolutely lovely."

Jessie J, full name Jessica Cornish, said that it was difficult getting snapped by paparazzi when they were just dating, but said thankfully everything is going well.

"Chan and I got photographed before our relationship was even a thing and that created such pressure. We’ve needed time to get to know each other.

"We’ve just had our first holiday together, which was wonderful, but that’s all I’m saying…".

When asked if she is happy in the relationship, she said: "Oh, I’m very happy on 21 Jump Street!," referring to Tatum’s starring role in the film.

"I always look for a guy with a good sense of humor and good morals. And hygiene. A man who showers is very important!"

Despite her adenomyosis diagnosis, Jessie said she is determined to become a mother, and said she will deal with whatever is thrown at her.

"I might go down the route of adoption or even surrogacy," she said. "I pray that I have children the natural way, but if not, I’ll deal with it.

"The pain I’ve been through with this disease is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face."

"I get severe pain, which I have to manage, and psychologically, well, having children was always a big thing for me. I may be infertile, which, not gonna lie, would be devastating."

Jessie J recently said she and her boyfriend are having "a lovely time" together but said they have not gotten to the stage of discussing having children.