Rob Lowe has said he would like to reprise his role in The West Wing for a series that would see his character Sam Seaborn as president.

Lowe played Sam on the series from 1999 to 2003 and returned for episodes in the 2006 final season, and he would be on for another run as the former deputy White House communications director.

"Of course I'm in. I'm in my suit ready to play Sam Seaborn," Lowe told BBC Radio Five Live.

"I think all he needs to do, frankly, is go back and watch the show where [President Josiah Bartlet] says 'Sam, you'll be president one day, don't be afraid'.

"There's your show. Hello, Aaron Sorkin, hello, you wrote it."

The show's creator Sorkin previously said he would like to bring the show back, but with This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown as president.

"Sterling K Brown as the president, and there's some kind of jam, an emergency, a very delicate situation involving the threat of war or something, and Bartlet, long since retired, is consulted in the way that Bill Clinton used to consult with Nixon," Sorkin said.

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