Kylie Jenner has faced a backlash online after throwing her friend a themed party inspired by the dystopian Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale.

The television series, adapted from the classic 1985 Margaret Atwood novel, takes place in the totalitarian state of Gilead where women are treated as property of the state.

Jenner posted footage of the party on her Instagram stories, which are now expired, but were captured by fan accounts.

The videos show the party goers wearing red handmaid's robes and white bonnets, while Jenner greeted her guests by saying: "Praise be ladies."

The 21-year-old's party also featured servers dressed as Marthas, or female housekeepers.

Jennifer posted a selfie of herself in full handmaid's regalia.

The handmaid's robes have become a symbol of protest of late, with protestors and activists donning them around the world to make a point about restrictions to women's autonomy.

However, many users on social media criticised Jenner for co-opting the theme for a party, which some deemed "tone deaf" and "distasteful".

The reality TV star and beauty mogul has not commented on the backlash.