He may be a Hollywood A lister and a smash hit singing sensation but shockingly it turns out that Hugh Jackman hasn’t quite got the hang of drinking a pint of Guinness properly.

The Australian actor is in Dublin for the next few days for the latest date on his world tour The Man. The Music. The Show at Dublin’s 3Arena and on Wednesday night he dropped into a local pub to sample what he called his first pint of Guinness on Irish soil.

"My whole life, I’ve drunk Guinness, but they always say it’s different in Ireland," said Hugh before supping on the pint before it could settle into full readiness aka alchemise into the ambrosia of the gods.

Normally this would be met with frowns or sympathetic looks from hardened veterans of the black stuff but we’re talking about Hugh Jackman here, officially the nicest man in showbiz, so we will forgive him anything.

Earlier in the day, Hugh, who says he’s been a Guinness drinker for as long as he can remember, visited a Dublin gym and also the 3Arena, where he will be performing three sold-out shows on Thursday and Friday, with evening shows at 7.30 on Thursday and Friday and a matinee show on Friday at 2.30.