Rapper Tyler, the Creator has been forced to cancel his first UK show since a ban on entering the country was lifted.

On Saturday, the US music star had announced an impromptu gig in Peckham, south-east London, with only a few hours' notice, and surprised fans by tweeting a picture of himself outside Buckingham Palace.

However, minutes after the show was due to star, Tyler posted in a since-deleted tweet that the gig was shut down by police as the crowd was "too rowdy".

However, London's Metropolitan Police said the event had been cancelled by the venue due to overcrowding issues, adding that there were no crimes, reported injuries or arrests.

The rapper, whose real name is Tyler Okonma, had been banned from entering the UK in 2015 over the content of his lyrics which were accused of encouraging "violence and intolerance of homosexuality".

It is understood the ban was lifted from February 13 and he arrived at Luton Airport in the early hours of Saturday.