Returning Fair City actress Amelia Crowley has revealed why her character Fiona Piggot has landed back in Carrigstown after 12 years away - and it sounds like there'll be trouble ahead for her old flame Paul Brennan.

Crowley, who was most recently seen in the hit sitcom Derry Girls, was last in the soap 12 years ago when Fiona was married to wealthy businessman James Piggott.

Fiona ended up having an affair with Paul, who she met through various deals, and they fell in love. However, James, who was diagnosed with cancer, found out about the affair and threatened to cut her out of his will unless she helped him along his way to an early death.

Explaining what Fiona has been up to since she was last in Carrigstown, Crowley said: "I don’t want to say too much about why she’s back, but she’s managed to maintain a low profile, and a really nice life for herself through dodgy deals (and some legitimate ones!) all over the globe.

"She’s a really smart business woman, but she’s back with some money that she needs to clean."

Fiona Piggot is back to cause trouble for Paul Brennan on Fair City

The actress said of Fiona and Paul's tumultuous relationship: "Fiona and Paul were passionately in love, if not practically in love.

"They got swept away in this illicit affair, but when Paul realised what Fiona did by ‘easing James’ pain’ *cough cough*, it was a bit too passionate, even for him.

"She announced she was leaving, with him ideally and without him if necessary, and so she left. She was going through too much turmoil to be heartbroken at the time, so perhaps that’s why she was deluded enough to think she could flit back to Carrigstown, get what she wanted and fly away again. Big mistake!"

She hinted there could still be a romantic spark between Fiona and Paul.

Sparks set to fly between Fiona and Paul on Fair City

"I think she anticipated coming in, getting what she needed and going, but what she forgot was that she was passionate about Paul once", Crowley shared.

"When she realises there may be an emotional connection with Paul again, it all falls apart for her. There’s chemistry there, and great respect because they’re not dissimilar, he’s a little less conniving than she is, but I guess he has his moments too!"

On what the future holds for Fiona, the actress said: "I think she’s a very self serving person, so as long as her needs are being met, she’ll want to hang around. But she has very high standards, so we’ll see how long Carrigstown will meet them for!"

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