Documentary maker Louis Theroux tells BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs that he is still attempting to understand why he and Jimmy Savile, whom he "sort of quite liked", became friends.

Theroux made a documentary about the disgraced TV and radio personality in 2000, before revelations about Savile's serial child abuse became public. Savile died in 2011.

Hearing about Savile’s criminal acts was painful for Theroux but it was also "traumatic for the country", the 48-year-old film-maker told Lauren Laverne on Desert Island Discs.

"So while I’m quite proud of the first programme, I’m still a bit confused about how was I able to experience him as a somewhat likable person in the year or two after making it. That’s something I think upon."

Theroux returned to the difficult Savile theme for the documentary When Louis Met Jimmy, which featured survivors of the sexual abuse. "I wanted to figure out how it was that I had missed what I had missed," he told Laverne.

Jimmy Savile: crimes were "traumatic for the country," says Louis