Elton John has said that he wanted the upcoming Rocketman biopic to be 'honest' as possible, recalling that the 'lows were very low, and the highs were very high.'

The 72 -year-old star was discussing the forthcoming biopic - released in Ireland this May - in a recently-released Paramount Pictures promotional mini-interview.

He explained that he didn't want the film to hold back, that he wanted it to be true to life, even if there were negative dimensions.

"It had to be as honest as possible, the lows were very low, and the highs were very high and that’s how I wanted the film to be," says the iconic singer. Director Dexter Fletcher described the movie as 'Elton’s magical retelling of his own life'. 

Taron Egerton, who portrays Elton, said that being given the role was 'the greatest joy of my professional life making this film."

He also recognised Elton's remarkable progress through life. "It's amazing that this working class kid is now one of the biggest icons in the world."