It's the RTÉ Player's 10th birthday, and to mark it reaching that milestone - and 420 million streams - here are 10 of the most memorable moments.

1) Fair City's Katy in the box
What The Fugitive's 'One-Armed Man' was to 1960s Ireland, Fair City's Katy meant to the show's fans in 2017. Her epic kidnapping storyline pulled in over six million streams on the Player, and had some feeling it lasted the same number of weeks.

2) Love/Hate's Fran becomes a song and dance man
Love/Hate hard man Fran also peddled a fine line in black humour, as can be seen in this season four teaser from 2013. The much-missed crime chronicle is the most-watched drama ever on the Player with 3.5 million streams, and you can binge on seasons one to five now. (And take a shower afterwards.)

3) "It's not a no" on First Dates
The show that is to toe-curlers and heart-warmers what beef or salmon were to the Braemor Rooms in Churchtown, First Dates served up one of its most memorable meals yet in 2019 with Aidan from Tralee and Siobhán from Youghal. Get them back on!

4) Party Rock in Da Dome tonight
Yes, yes we could've gone with the Rose of Tralee proposal, but this shape throwing has clocked up over 760,000 views on YouTube, compared to 505,000 for the knee bending. It still has us asking 'What just happened?' eight years (and 8,000 of our own clicks) later.

5) A Nation holds its debt
After the horror show that was Ireland on the pitch at Euro 2012, it was up to Après Match, and 'German Chancellor Angela Merkel', to deliver some gallows humour - and ensure we weren't "putting up with ordinary broadband".

6) Robbie Keane helps Domhnall steal the Toy Show
The gift that keeps on giving, every Toy Show would be in with a shout for inclusion on this list, but we'll go with Robbie Keane's on-crutches cameo in 2013 and the look on little Domhnall's face.

7) And Robbie Brady steals the show at Euro 2016
Once again - this time in Lille in June 2016 - The Nation was holding its breath. And in the 84th minute we were all gasping for air. 

8) National Identity
See this video? You're in it.

9) Storm Teresa
Teresa Mannion's for-the-ages report from the Salthill promenade in Galway as Storm Desmond raged in December 2015 saw her become an internet sensation. In under an hour. Turns out the world didn't end, but it did wonder how we had managed to live without a clip that Mannion herself admitted was "comedy gold".

10) Reining Supreme
Do you believe in magic? Well, try this. How is it that no matter how many times you've watched this video, it's still as funny as back in December 2010? The Rubberbandits, The Republic of Telly and Young Offenders-creator-to-be Peter Foott have cheered up more people on more occasions than they'll ever know. It's still our favourite thing on the Player by a mile, and when the going gets tough, we know where we're going.

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