Catastrophe writers and actors Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney have told Jimmy Kimmel Live that they hated filming the sex scenes for their show.

Discussing season 4, Horgan was asked was there anything the pair wished they had not written and responded: "All the sex stuff at the beginning, we were like ‘what the hell!’."

Delaney added: "You have to wear a baggie tied around all your junk, And when you first put it on, you’re like ‘this is nice,’ but then like six takes in, it’s starting to constrict, and it’s painful."

Horgan also said she was "so angry" at herself for writing a final scene which involved her running into the sea in just her underwear. "I’d had like six weeks of on-set catering [by that point]," she laughed.

The pair also were on the Ellen Show the previous day and Rob explained his pant-less photography.