Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has been appointed as the UK government's special envoy on media freedom.

According to the BBC, the British Foreign Office has announced that Ms Clooney and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt will jointly work to "counter draconian laws that hinder journalists from going about their work."

Clooney will not receive a fee for her endeavours, and she has said that she is "honoured" to take on the role.

"Through my legal work defending journalists I have seen first-hand the ways in which reporters are being targeted and imprisoned in an effort to silence them and prevent a free media," declared the human rights lawyer.

Last year she signed up for the legal team defending two Reuters journalists detained in Myanmar.

Amal with husband George

In 2015, she was part of the legal representation striving for the release of two Al Jazeera journalists imprisoned in Egypt. She also represented Nobel Peace Prize-winning Iraqi Yazidi human rights activist Nadia Murad who was captured and tortured by so-called Islamic State over a for three-month period.

UK Foreign Secretary Hunt noted that Amal Clooney's experience made her ideally placed to ensure the UK's efforts to protect global press freedom had "real impact for journalists".

 "She will use her expertise to chair a panel comprising the world's best legal minds to develop and promote legal mechanisms to prevent and reverse media abuses," declared Hunt.

In 2018, 99 reporters were killed, 348 were detained and 60 were taken hostage worldwide.