Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is to set up an award named the Amal Clooney Award, which is designed to celebrate inspirational young women around the world.

The aim of the award, organised by youth charity Prince’s Trust International is to "highlight the work of young women who have succeeded against the odds to make a lasting difference in their communities", accoring to a spokesman, as reported by The Telegraph.

Actively seeking out unsung heroes for a prize, to be presented by Mrs Clooney in 2020, Prince’s Trust International is seeking applications from women aged 11 to 30 working in "anything from sustainable farming schemes, to community projects in refugee camps, to rebuild-work in war zones".

Amal Clooney recently attended a Buckingham Palace dinner with her husband, the actor George Clooney . The relationship with the Windsors is growing apace - she has attended a Royal Wedding, was central in a luxurious New York royal baby shower, while the lawyer is a close friend to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.