Danny Devito has said he is feeling ''really good'' after taking a tumble while he was getting up on stage during a recent press conference.

The 74-year-old,  who is currently promoting Tim Burton's live action adaptation of the Disney animated classic Dumbo, has joked about the awkward moment, and revealed he is doing well after his unfortunate trip.

Speaking to Extra, he said: "I'm in great shape, I am really good. As I say to people, I am known to throw myself at the press and I did that day try to emulate Dumbo... but I didn't have my feather with me, did not fly.

''I just flew on that stage. It was amazing -- I didn't get hurt at all. Here you are in Mexico, you are promoting the movie, I come onstage, I caught my foot on the top of the step.

"I knew I was going, I just went with it, surfed across the stage. It was like a flop.''

DeVito joked that he asked everyone gathered in the room not to ''print the picture'' of the embarrassing moment, but he admitted he knew it wouldn't stay behind closed doors.

He laughed: ''Of course I said, 'Don't print the picture', and I knew everyone was going to print the picture.''

Director/executive producer Tim Burton, actors Colin Farrell, Nico Parker, Finley Hobbins, Eva Green, Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton speak onstage during the Dumbo Global Press Conference 

Dumbo hits cinemas nationwide on March 29.

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