Professor Green has been forced to cancel his UK tour after fracturing his neck.

The 35-year-old British rapper revealed on social media that he fractured vertebrae in his neck after he had a seizure which resulted in him falling.

Green, real name Stephen Manderson, was due to start a UK tour in Cardiff but had to cancel following the accident.

He shared a photo to Instagram from hospital which shows him wearing a neck brace and wrote: ''I had seizure this morning which resulted in a fall while I was packing for tour.

"Depending on how you look at this fall I was extremely lucky. I fractured vertebrae in my neck and subsequently had to cancel my tour that was due to start today.

"I'll be back in the winter with a bigger tour. I've had two further seizures and am lucky I didn't break my neck.

"Really f***ing lucky. Thanks for baring with me. most importantly thank you to our NHS, heroes amongst men (and women).''

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