Gemma Collins demanded that Dancing On Ice bosses brought in a shaman to exorcise the studio of negative energy after she became convinced that the rink was cursed.

Earlier this week, the 38-year-old was seen taking part in a cleansing ritual with shamanic practitioner and healer Sue Holmes at the ITV studios.

Holmes then told Mirror Online that she was hired by the Dancing On Ice producers to placate Gemma when she insisted they needed to do something about the negative energy in the building.

"Gemma shared with me that she was able to sense that there was some kind of energy where the ice rink is that didn't feel great," she said.

"It felt like some kind of negative energy. So she requested that they brought someone in to deal with it.

"So I came into do the work. My role was to tune into finding any energies that weren't harmonious and supportive and happy.

"Then clear them away using a ceremony, using energy healing and to do some healing work with Gemma through that process."

Here's Gemma Collins performing on last week's show:

The studio was built on the site of former British air base RAF Bovingdon in Hertfordshire and Holmes revealed that negative energy from the site's past could be affecting the former TOWIE star.

She said: "I work with both people and places... my work is to tune into whatever can be healed or transformed - clear the imprint of any trauma or sadness or pain and suffering from the past.

"Also to imprint it with people's wishes.

"Where I'm working at Bovingdon, that place used to be an air base during the war so there will be some particularly intense emotional experiences that would have happened in a place like that.

"These are subtle energies that I believe have an influence.

"So to clear away and to transform the energy of the place that only be a good thing and help someone to feel more relaxed and able to be more happy and to focus on what they're there to do."

Sue Holmes' ritual with Gemma Collins will be shown on Sunday night's Dancing On Ice.