Kerry Katona has described her marriage to Brian McFadden - the first of three - as her "favourite".

She married the then Westlife singer in 2002 but that only lasted two years before they split. She subsequently walked down the aisle with Mark Croft and then George Kay, but her first time around left the most positive impression.

Not that she's put him up on a pedestal or anything. As she explained her column in new! Magazine: "He can be a right d***head, that ex-husband of mine. Brian went on Loose Women and said that marriage was 'disposable' and 'just a party'.

"I get it - he has a girlfriend and has to be respectful - but it was a weird thing to say considering he was married to me.

"He's always going to be in my life and I wish him well, but my side of the story is very different.

"In my opinion, it was my favourite marriage and I'm not going to let him take that away from me."

Brian McFadden and Kerry Katona

As well as looking back fondly on her relationship with McFadden, the 38-year-old former Atomic Kitten star also reflected on the moment that caused their break-up.

"Yes it was a bloody great party, but he cheated on me with a lap dancer and that broke us," she recalls.

"We were such an iconic couple at the time - even now I get messages from people telling me to get back with Brian. But it's been 15 years. I've popped out 70 kids since then."

Katona - mother to Molly (17) and Lilly-Sue (15) with Brian, Heidi (11) and Maxwell (10) with Mark and Dylan-Jorge (4) with George - was also less generous about Brian's fathering skills.

She said: "While my other husbands were quite hands-on, I only ever left Brian with Molly and Lilly overnight once and I almost had a breakdown!

"Bri wasn't one to change or feed the kids and I knew if I wasn't doing it, it wouldn't get done properly."