Jeff Bridges has sent fans around in the world into a frenzy by stepping back into the shoes of one of his best loved character's - The Dude from The Big Lebowski.

The actor took to Twitter on Thursday to post a 15-second teaser video in which he wears The Dude's famous knitted cardigan and sunglasses as music from the film's soundtrack plays in the background.

He wrote along with the clip: "Can't be living in the past, man. Stay tuned."

A tumbleweed, which featured in the intro for the original movie, rolls by at the end of the video and reveals the date February 3, 2019.

There was immediate fervent speculation that fans could be treated to a sequel to the 1998 cult classic from the Coen Brothers.

Slightly less excitingly, it has been noted that February 3 is the same date as the Super Bowl in the US, which suggests the clip could be a teaser for a commercial set to run during the annual American football event.

Even so, fans have welcomed the chance to see the Oscar-winning actor back at the loveable character, with many taking to Twitter to voice their excitement.

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