Actress Rebecca Ferguson has revealed she secretly tied the knot with her partner, Rory, over the festive period surrounded by their friends and families.

The 35-year-old star and her new husband, who she has dated since 2016, tied the knot in secret last month, and Ferguson says it was a relaxed and casual affair.

Speaking to Extra, Ferguson said: ''Nothing. I think we both wanted to step over all thresholds. Also, I'm not very religious. I believe in love.

''It was more for us and our family. We rented a cottage, it was our friends and family and Wellington boots and big woolly socks and big ruggy jumpers, games, snooker, table tennis.'

''What's fun is we keep on saying, 'Hey hubby, hey wifey.' It's just fun.''

Ferguson wore a ''wedding skirt'' rather than a traditional dress, and admits she plans to sport the garment again in Greece this summer.

''I wore a beautiful skirt, a wedding skirt, that I can shorten off, get some pockets in, and I will use in Greece for the summer. I am practical.''

The couple's six-month-old daughter nodded off during the ceremony, but Ferguson's son Isac Hallberg, from her previous relationship with Ludwig Hallberg, acted as the ring bearer.

Ferguson is currently promoting her new movie, The Kid Who Would Be King, about a present day boy who finds the mythical sword Excalibur.

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