Mrs Brown's Boys star Eilish O'Carroll failed to make it through to next Sunday's Dancing with the Stars after her samba with partner Ryan McShane.

They secured 12 points from the judges but failed to stay in the competition after the scores were combined with the public vote.

Eilish said: "I've enjoyed every minute!" and "I'm looking forward to a lie-in."

As it happened:

TV and radio broadcaster Mairéad Ronan, who danced the Charleston with her partner John Nolan, to the high-tempo track Bom Bom by Sam and the Womp,  scored 24 points.

Mairéad Ronan with her partner John Nolan

"I did it! I felt during the week that my fitness was going to let John's routine down... He might have dropped me... in the dress rehearsal," Mairéad said.

And the Judges said:

Judge Loraine Barry: "I salute you for that marvellous Charleston. You gave us kicks, flicks, lifts - it was a fantabulous start to tonight." 

Judge Julian Benson: "What an opening - fun, energetic, full of lifts... I love the fact your face was on fire... John, you raided my closet, you're looking fabulous!"

Score: 24

Next to dance was The Young Offenders actor Demi Isaac Oviawe. Her Foxtrot with partner Kai Widdrington was to The Frank and Walters' anthem After All.

Demi Isaac Oviawe with partner Kai Widdrington

Demi said after the dance that: "That was the best we ever done it."

And the Judges said:

Judge Brian commented: "It was more committed... You brought a beauty and elegance that I love to see... There is still improvement needed in the posture... That was a pass." 

Judge Julian said: "The good news is after all the hard work paid off tonight... I'm so proud of you... There was some wonderful movement. And most importantly, you looked like you enjoyed yourself."

Score: 14.

Next up was Eilish O'Carroll and Ryan McShane who danced the Samba to Emma Bunton's version of Eso Beso.

Eilish O'Carroll and Ryan McShane

A very sparkly @EilishOCarroll brought great samba energy to the dancefloor! 12 points! @RYANMCS @DWTSIRL #DWTSIrl

— RTE One (@RTEOne) January 20, 2019

.And the Judges said:

Judge Brian: "Eso Beso, whatever it's got... not a lot! Especially in the second half it ran out of steam for me. I'm glad Ryan brought his bike tonight, but I hope you're not on your bike later on tonight." 

Judge Loraine: "We all know it's a difficult dance especially the balancing and you did that. You sold it for me." 

Score: 12

Things got heated up after this routine.

Cliona Hagan and Robert Rowiński were smouldering with their rumba to Rita Ora's Let You Love Me.

Cliona Hagan and Robert Rowiński

Cliona said after the performance: "I definitely don't see myself as sexy I'm more clumsy."

And the Judges said:

Judge Brian said: "The Rumba was beautiful... But more squeeze needed through the hips. I hope you don't have whiplash tomorrow after all those neck turns." 

"This was a ridiculously raunchy Rumba from start to finish," according to Judge Julian. "The chemistry was wonderful. I do agree that more hip action is need... It was mesmerising."

Score: 20

They were followed by Peter Stringer and Ksenia Zsikhotska who performed the Quickstep to Wake Me Up by Avicii.

Peter Stringer and Ksenia Zsikhotska

Praise for @stringer9's top line in this "quick" quickstep! 14 points @KzKsenia @DWTSIRL #DWTSIrl

— RTE One (@RTEOne) January 20, 2019

Peter said: "It's been a tough week learning the steps, very different from the Salsa."

And the Judges said:

Judge Julian: "Look, you definitely woke up with a full-on, fast Quickstep... What I did like was the top line and your frame was held very well... Keep doing what you're doing." 

Judge Loraine: "As judges we are always looking for the speed, swing, calmness... It was a bit stop-starting - it needed more work."

Score: 14

Valeria Milova and Denis Bastick performed the Cha cha cha to David Guetta's remix of Promises by Calvin Harris and Sam Smith.

Valeria Milova and Denis Bastick

Dublin footballer Denis Bastick said: "It was difficult, quiet technical... We got through it."

And the Judges said:

Judge Brian said: "For me it was a bit dancey by numbers; it didn't have a freedom we wanted. You brought a masculine edge to the Cha cha cha... This was the best Cha cha cha we had so far." 

Judge Julian: " It was a strong, intense, masculine Cha cha... You're a man after my own heart. I loved the Vogue section... You changed it up... Overall, well done."

Score: 17

Next up were Clelia Murphy and Vitali Kozmin with the Tango to Verano Porteno from Astor Piazzolla. 

Clelia Murphy and Vitali Kozmin


Actor Clelia said: "I'm trying my best to keep everything in!" 

And the Judges said:

Judge Julian: "This was a fiery, passionate Tango. The actress came out in you and you performed it. I just love the chemistry between the two of you... If you keep improving like that in the show you could be unbeatable."

Judge Loraine: "This is my type of Tango. It's fiery... Many moments of the passion between you... I love the way you used your feet.. Overall, I thought it was brilliant."

Score: 21

Stepping up next were Darren Kennedy and Karen Byrne who jived to The Beach Boys' Fun, Fun, Fun.

Karen Byrne and Darren Kennedy

TV fashion stylist Darren said: "(During rehearsals) Karen said I need to work on my kicks and my flick. And I was - but I ended up going through the wall! There's a hole there now! I'm bandaged up!"

And the Judges said:

Judge Julian: "That was one fun, fun, fun Jive. Between the surfboard, dancing and surfboard abs I didn't know what to be looking at! It was upbeat and it worked very well with the music... You really entertained me tonight." 

Judge Brian: "A little bit all over the place... A little bit less fun, fun fun for me... I prefer a day by the pool."

Score: 14

Holly Carpenter and Trent Whiddon performed a romantic Waltz to Jack Jones' Lollipops and Roses.  

Holly and Trent waltz

A delicate & romantic waltz from @Holly0910 and @TrentWhiddon. 15 points! @DWTSIRL #DWTSIrl

— RTE One (@RTEOne) January 20, 2019

Former Miss Ireland Holly said: "When I heard I was doing the Waltz I was nervous because it's so slow and I thought people at home would think it's easy - but it's definitely not." 

And the Judges said:

Judge Julian: "This was a beautiful song for a beautiful rose... There was some elegance and graceful movements... I'd love you to create a character for the dance each week... There's a lot of great actresses in the competition - get a few tips from them and you'll go far!" 

Score: 15

Fred Cooke and Giulia Dotta did the Charleston to Right Said Fred from Bernard Cribbins.

Fred Cooke and Giulia Dotta

Fred commented: "The Charleston is 1920s happiness, so if you're not enjoying it, you're missing the point."

And the Judges said:

Judge Loraine: "It was a funtastic Charleston - I only have one question: can you do it again?"

Judge Julian: "What a transformation! You smashed it, dude! You gave us everything we needed in Charleston... You entertained us, you razzle dazzled us! - it was Charlestastic!"

 Score: 23

Next up were Emily Barker and Johnny Ward who danced a Foxtrot to Niall Horan's This Town.

Emily Barker and Johnny Ward

And the Judges said:

Judge Julian said: "This was a brave and bold Foxtrot... Not what we expect from a traditional Foxtrot but I threw out the rulebook years ago and I loved it. You brought it into the 21st century." 

Judge Loraine said: "It is distressing to get negative comments, and it is distressing to give them too... But I did see a great Foxtrot, but I did feel there wasn't enough of it."

Score: 19

Before the judges were able to deliver their views a technical problem arose at Ardmore Studios where the show was being broadcast. Engineers said there was a double outage with the generators. One generator failed and the back-up generator failed to kick in. This caused disruption of the live programme, but luckily not in the middle of Johnny and Emily's routine, and the show picked up where it left off.

The professional dancers showed their magic at the end of the show:

 Dancing with the Stars continues on RTÉ One on Sunday at 6:30pm.