Liam Gallagher has revealed that his voice has a "healthier" sound because he has cut down on cigarettes and alcohol.

The Mancunian musician is aware that his voice is beginning to lose its gravelly quality.

"I know for a fact when I have not had cigarettes and not drank and have been behaving myself I sound a bit square," he recently told Sirius XM. "And I do not like that. I like to sound a bit rough and have a bit of character.

"I do behave myself a little, but not too much, " said the one-time Oasis front-man, as reported by NME. "I don’t want to sound like Aled Jones or Michael Bublé." 

A second solo album is expected from Gallagher for release later this year and the singer-songwriter has been working on 20 new tracks.

 "I know I talk a lot of s*** but I have oops we have 20 songs that will change your lives oops make them better oops you know what I’m trying to say by the pinball lights x,"  the musician tweeted, somewhat cryptically.

The outspoken rocker has also referred to a week spent in Los Angeles with "an army of songwriters".