Beatle Paul McCartney may have appeared on stage with Ringo Starr from time to time in recent years but he also dreams of playing music with the late George Harrison and John Lennon.

"As a musician, you often have dreams about being in the studio or on stage," he told BBC Radio Scotland, "So I’m often with the guys. Just the other morning,

"I woke up and I was with George. And that was very nice. I think of George as my little mate - he was the youngest in the group. That’s how I run into John and George these days. So the Beatles have reformed - in my head."

The Beatles in their 1960s heyday

The Beatles split up officially in 1970. John Lennon was shot dead in 1980, George Harrison died in 2001.

"John and George are still a big part of my life, always will be," says McCartney. "It would have been great to get the Beatles back together again.

"People always say, 'What if'? But we can’t so, sadly, that’s not going to happen. I often think about them with a lot of sadness, because they should still be here. In John’s case, it was a terrible thing. In George’s, a terrible illness."

"Even though there is sadness, the main thing is the joy of knowing those two guys," McCartney reflects. "I miss them a lot."