Sandra Bullock has given her two cents on hosting the Academy Awards ceremony, calling it a "thankless job".

There is currently no host confirmed for next year's Oscars after comedian and actor Kevin Hart stepped down from the role amid controversy over homophobic tweets from his past.

The Academy is reportedly "scrambling" to find a replacement for Hart ahead of the ceremony in February.

An Oscar-winner herself, Bullock was asked about the Oscars hosting job during an interview with US morning show Today and she deadpanned: "It's me, it's me, surprise! Everyone's like, 'Oh that's not going to be very good.'

"It's gonna be amazing. I mean, I need to talk about Meryl [Streep] like everyone else. I need to make tasteless jokes, but only three."

The actress, who is currently starring in the thriller Bird Box, continued in a less tongue-in-cheek fashion: "It's a thankless job. No matter who does it. You get excited and then by the end they're like, 'It was long.'

"You're meant to make fun of people. It's always going to go long. Book the Oscars for four and a half hours and just let it be. And if it ends early, fantastic, have a backup."

Needless to say, the Academy is under pressure to solve the host problem ahead of the ceremony on February 24, 2019.