Chat show king Alan Carr has said he has been asked to appear on Strictly Come Dancing and admits he would like to take part if the show could make one change.

Speaking to Coleen Nolan on the Loose Women panel, she began by saying: "I've heard you might be down to do Strictly next year. I really want to see you do Strictly."

The 42-year-old comedian and TV host confirmed the news, saying: "I will do it, but next year, I've got a busy year. They cornered me and they said, 'Would you do it?'

"But listen, I would do it, but I hate those VTs where, you know what I mean? 'Hello, we're doing salsa, so we're off to a dips factory.' Like WHAT!?

"You know, they go to Chester Zoo or a museum, and I'm like, 'no, I'd need to be in that studio now doing the Argentine tango'.

"Step away from the rhino, let's get back in there, I want to stick a rose in my mouth and do the thing."

Carr joked: "But my favourite dance is Oops Upside Your Head, because you get to sit down."

Strictly Come Dancing's Christmas Special is on 5.30pm on BBC One on December 25.

Alan Carr's Christmas Cracker is on at 10.15pm on Channel 4 on December 25.

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