Matthew McConaughey says his mother wants to remake iconic 1960s' movie The Graduate - with him in the Dustin Hoffman role.

The 1967 film famously featured Hoffman in his breakthrough part as college graduate Benjamin Braddock and Anne Bancroft as Mrs Robinson, his older lover.

Oscar-winner McConaughey told The Graham Norton Show that his mother is always visiting him on set.

"She says it's because she wants to see me, but I always say, 'If I was an accountant in Chicago, would you want to see me as often?'

"She just wants to get into the movies and she is persistent. She is 86 and her pitch is always to re-make The Graduate, with her as the Anne Bancroft character and me as Dustin Hoffman's character.

"She thinks it would work and is no big deal. There's Freudian stuff in there!,"  he added.

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