For many families across Ireland, The Late Late Toy Show is the signal that Christmas has well and truly arrived, and it never fails to deliver plenty of fun and heartwarming moments.

On Friday night it will be time to huddle around the TV once more to see all the latest toys and gadgets, host Ryan Tubridy's evermore inventive Christmas jumpers, the surprise celebrity guests and, of course, reams of talented performers.

We've rounded up our favourite moments from The Late Late Toy Show over the years, take a little trip down memory lane with these clips...

12. Life is the bubbles! (2017)

How was that for an opener! From Ryan Tubridy's crabster costume ("part crab, part lobster and part hipster", the man himself explained), to his impressive Dad dancing moves, to the amazing performers and magical sea-themed set, last year's opening number was one for the annals.

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11. Boyzone come back for more (1994)

You may remember Boyzone's first hilarious appearance on The Late Late Show in 1993, during which Gay Byrne relentlessly criticised the group's lack of talent before they performed the most embarrassing dance ever to grace Irish screens. They clearly weren't put off by Gaybo's harsh comments, though, as they returned to prove they really are talented – at 'Scalextric'. 

10. Pat and Oisín (2000) 

They say never work with children or animals, and Oisín the dog really proved that point when he appeared on The Toy Show in 2000. Brought on stage to prove that canine intelligence is superior to artificial intelligence, Oisín seemed more interested in investigating a toy polar bear than giving the paw. 

9. Toby attempts to ignore Girls Aloud (2003)

Wicklow native Toby Kane won the Junior Stars in their Eyes competition at the Wicklow Regatta Festival in 2003, and wanted to further demonstrate his singing skills on The Toy Show, performing Jump by Girl's Aloud. However, he seemed a bit perturbed when the band sneaked on stage, looking like he might burst into tears and shaking his head when Pat Kenny asked if he wanted to chat to them. Poor Toby.

8. Junior Culchie of the Year (2009)

When flame-haired Mark McSharry from Co. Cavan rolled on stage in his fine toy tractor, with a plastic sack on over his trousers, we knew we were in for a treat. "I'm the Junior Culchie of Ireland!" he proudly declared, explaining that he had won the title through a competition in school. 

And the sack? A nifty device to stop your knees getting wet when you're walking through rushes. "I'm some eejit, amn't I, not to know that?" Tubridy asked. "Kind of, yes," confirmed Mark. Classic.

7. A young Imelda May gets her break (1986)

Imelda May is a big name in the music scene in Ireland now, but it seems she was always destined to be a star, performing Mary's Boy Child on The Late Late Toy Show in 1986 as part of The Liberties Music and Drama Group. She's the one with the yellow lantern!

6. Ed Sheeran surprises his biggest fan (2014)

It's always great when kids get to meet their heroes, but it's even better when it's a surprise. Aimee Keogh got the shock of a lifetime on last year's Toy Show when, in the middle of performing a karaoke version of an Ed Sheeran song, the man himself crept up behind her to join in. Aimee screamed, then looked like she was going to cry with joy, exclaiming "I'm hysterical, oh my God." What a cutie.

5. Tubs meets a future John Galliano (2010)

With his stylish glasses and trilby hat, Douglas definitely stood out from the other children on the Toy Show in 2010. "You're certainly nailing the Christmas look, I have to say," he told Tubridy, much to the audience's delight. It was clear that Douglas was a child with big dreams, hoping to work as a designer at Paris Fashion Week. We had to agree with Tubs when he said we'll probably be seeing Douglas again in the future.

4. The best surprise EVER (2017)

Brother and sister Adam and Kayla got the best surprise of all on last year's Toy Show as they were reunited with their dad who is based in Mali with the Defence Forces. We just couldn't deal, and neither could Tubs!

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3. Domhnall meets his favourite footballer (2013)

When football-mad Domhnall Ó Confhaol from Connemara appeared on the Toy Show in 2013, his hero Robbie Keane was recovering from an operation on his Achilles tendon. Tubridy asked Domhnall what he would say to the Irish captain if he could speak to him. "I'd hope he'd be better quick because I think we really need him for the 2016 Euros...he's like the main man for us," said Domhnall.  

Cue Robbie hobbling on stage with crutches in tow, leaving the cherub-cheeked 8 year-old completely speechless. Bless.

2. "Any craic?" "Níl." (2012)

What is it about little lads on tractors on the Toy Show? Alex Meehan dazzled in the style stakes in his farmer's cap, bright blue Ray Bans and Christmas jumper, but it was the awkward comedy created by his interaction with Tubridy that really stole the show. Shy Alex burst into a spiel as Gaeilge but seemed to panic when Tubs tried to continue the conversation, giving him a one-word answer and pedalling swiftly away. 

1. John Joe the horologist (2009)

Last but certainly not least, the adorable John Joe Brennan. He won the nation's hearts with his tweed jacket, glasses and incredibly articulate literary critiques. He told Tubridy that he wanted to be a horologist, before inspecting the host's watch and telling him "It's a very good mark, I suppose. Next to Rolex." What a little legend. 

Watch this year's The Late Late Toy Show on Friday, November 30 at 9.35pm.