Hugh Jackman has revealed that he knew his wife Deborra-Lee Furness was "the one" very early on in their relationship, even though she tried to break up with him.

The Australian actor and his wife of 22 years did a joint interview with the Aussies in Hollywood With Jenny Cooney podcast where they spoke about when they first met on the set of the TV show Correlli in 1995.

Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman pictured in 1997

Furness said she was not ready for a serious relationship when she first met Jackman, recalling: "I had just made my New Year's resolution, I said, 'I am not dating any actors, and definitely not under 30. I then meet my husband."

Jackman confessed: "I knew very early, I knew before Deb knew, even when she tried to break up with me, I knew [she was the one].

"She kind of [broke up with me], a little bit. Early on, three weeks in. I managed to talk her out of it, thank God.

"I'm a very indecisive person, Deb really knows this about me. I can count on my hand the amount of times in my life anything has felt that clear to me, and when it happens it's such a relief for me."

"I just knew 100 percent, I even knew when she was trying to work out reasons to break up with me," he added.

Hugh Jackman says he "just knew 100 percent" his wife was the one

The 50-year-old actor said he and Furness had "unbelievable" chemistry acting opposite one another.

"The best experience I ever had, working with another actor [was with Furness]," he said. "This was before we were romantically involved or had any idea that Deborra was interested.

"There was a chemistry… and every time we had a scene together it was unbelievable. Professionally, I've never had anything quite like that again."

Just eleven months after Jackman and Furness first met, they tied the knot on April 11, 1996.

The couple have two adoptive children, 18-year-old son, Oscar, and 13-year-old daughter, Ava.