There's the HBO adaptation of Elena Ferrante's My Brilliant Friend, the BBC has three exceptional documentaries, while it's cheerio to Brendan O'Carroll's For Facts Sake . . .

Pick of the day

My Brilliant Friend, 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic & NOW TV

Anyone who's read Elena Ferrante’s best-selling (and hugely enjoyable) book of the same name will be eagerly anticipating HBO’s lushly-produced adaptation, their first foreign language miniseries.

Set in a dangerous and fascinating Naples, the story follows the lives of two girls over six decades of their friendship.

After receiving a phone call, Elena Greco discovers the most important and significant figure in her life, Raffaella 'Lila' Cerullo, has gone missing.

Knowing this disappearance has been a long time coming, Elena, now a writer, finally sits down to put the story of their intertwining lives on paper, starting from the 1950s where the two first met at school, in an attempt to describe the mystery of Lila - her brilliant friend who, in a way, is also her worst enemy.

My Brilliant Friend continues on Tuesday.

New or Returning Shows

Storyville: Poisoning America - the Devil We Know, 9.00pm, BBC Four

This is a documentary following citizens of the West Virginia town of Parkersburg as they take on powerful corporation DuPont, who knowingly poisoned the local water supply.

DuPont own a chemical plant that makes Teflon and one particular ingredient, C8, has been proved to be toxic. Yet DuPont dumped it into the water supply for decades, causing a range of appalling ailments.

But eventually the citizens of Parkersburg lawyer up as they take on the chemical giant in one of the largest class-action legal suits in the history of US environmental law, involving some 70,000 people.

Driven: the Billy Monger Story, 9.00pm, BBC Two

Here's the remarkable story of 18-year-old Billy Monger, one of Britain's most exciting young racing drivers, who in April 2017 was involved in a devastating crash, resulting in the amputation of his legs.

Incredibly, soon after his accident, Billy resolved to get back to racing, in the hope of becoming the first ever amputee to race competitively in a single-seater racing car.

Ending Tonight

For Facts Sake, 10.45pm, BBC One

Brendan O’Carroll's hosts the quiz show all about ordinary people and their extraordinary facts. In the last episode, you can learn about subjects from The Olympics to onions.

Expert guest Bill Oddie flies in to teach viewers the truth about birds, while Pat ‘Pepsi’ Shields offers another side to Queen Victoria.

Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle, 11.15pm, BBC One

Season three of Peter Kay's greatest clips ends with a quiz night down at the Phoenix Club, a triumphant victory for Geraldine McQueen and Max and Paddy have a sing-along with some bewildered Asian Elders.

New to Download

Queen America, Facebook Watch

Catherine Zeta-Jones is the latest movie type to venture into the streaming world, with what promises to be a sharp, dark comedy.

She plays a manipulative beauty pageant coach whose aim of national success look doomed when her Miss Oklahoma becomes involved in a scandal.

Don't Miss

A Great British Injustice, 9.00pm, BBC One

The story of the Maguires, an ordinary Irish family living in London during the 1970s, wrongly convicted and imprisoned for making the bombs used in the Guildford pub bombings.

Stephen Nolan reports on a shameful miscarriage of justice that, together with the Guildford Four, still stands as one of the biggest in British legal history.

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