Jennifer Aniston flexes her considerable comedic muscles as a Texan beauty queen-turned-pageant judge in the new Netflix film Dumplin'.

Based on Julie Murphy's popular young adult novel of the same name, Dumplin' sees Aniston play Rosie Dickson, the hairspray loving mum of Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald), a plus-size teenager who is comfortable and confident in her own skin.

Jennifer Aniston stars alongside Danielle Macdonald in Dumplin'

Nicknamed Dumplin' by her mum and called Will by her friends, Willowdean decides to enter one of the local beauty pageants as a protest again the narrow and outdated beauty standards they uphold.

"Enough is enough," she tells her best friend. "I think I’m gonna sign up for the pageant."

"It’s gonna be like a protest in heels."

Her decision to enter the pageant encourages other first-time contestants to follow in her footsteps and redefines the town's traditions.

Although she is met with scepticism from her mother ("Dumplin' I don't understand, why are you doing this?", Rosie asks her), Willowdean is determined to make her own path.

The film looks both moving and full of hilarious moments.

Jennifer Aniston looks to be on top form in Dumplin'

Aniston is in top form as the fussy but loving former beauty queen who has to be wrangled out of a car by her ankles as she can't sit up straight in her pageant dress and dries her tears with a hairdryer to avoid spoiling her makeup.

The trailer has been warmly received on Twitter, with many commentators comparing it to the panned Netflix series Insatiable, which was accused of being "body-shaming".

Dumplin' will be released on Netflix on December 7.