Zendaya has praised the Niall Horan song that features on the soundtrack of her new film Smallfoot, saying she thinks it's "so cool" that he got involved.

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Horan recorded the song Finally Free for the movie, which tells the story of a Yeti who discovers a human – or Smallfoot as they're known in the Yeti world – but is shunned by his peers for believing in what he saw.

Zendaya plays a visionary Yeti named Meechee, who is leading up research into the possibility that Smallfeet do actually exist, and also features on the soundtrack herself. 

"It's so cool," Zendaya told RTÉ Entertainment when asked about her thoughts on Horan's song.

"I actually didn't know he was going to do a song for this, so that's cool. I really like the song too."

Having last shown off her acting and singing abilities in The Greatest Showman, Zendaya said it's "great" to get to combine two of her passions in one project again with Smallfoot.

"It's great, I mean I'm a huge fan of animated movies so add music and it's a great combination in general, I had fun," she said.

Smallfoot hits cinemas on Friday, October 12.