A family gospel group impressed The X Factor judges so much on Sunday night's show that they earned themselves a standing ovation.

The Birminham group called ATTY performed a rousing rendition of Shawn Mendes' song Mercy that had the judges on their feet and saw them sail through to the next round of the competition.

Tomlinson told them: "The unity you have, we can feel it", while Williams added: "I feel what you've got, it's really powerful."

Family gospel choir ATTY impress X Factor judges

20-year-old Thomas Pound from South Wales was also sent through to the next round when he stunned the judges with two performances.

He sang a rendition of Tina Turner's Simply The Best before Simon Cowell sent him away and told him he'd rather see him perform as his drag queen alter ego.

Pound then returned to perform Turner's hit Proud Mary, dressed up as Lady Frieda Wilde.

After the performance, Cowell told him: "Thomas, or Lady Frieda, you've got balls. I loved the fact someone took the advice, it could have gone horribly wrong but people loved it.

"Whether you're Lady Frieda or Thomas Pound, I don't care because both of you have got a yes."

Thomas Pound, in drag as Lady Frieda Wilde, sent through to next round

Ayda Field Williams became emotional when watching 18-year-old Chloe Jane McAllister from Northern Ireland sing Jessie Ware's Say You Love Me.

She revealed her husband Robbie Williams broke her heart by breaking up with her three times before they got married and had children.

After watching her performance, she added: "I thought that was amazing and I felt the heartbreak. In fact I felt it so much that Rob will be sleeping on the couch tonight because it made me remember what an awful human he was to me."

Northern Irish singer Chloe Jane McAllister resonated with Ayda Field Williams

Williams also said the performance stirred up strong emotions for him, telling McAllister: "I've got a daughter and her name is Theodora Rose Williams and she's five years old and she is my life and I go to piano lessons with her every Friday and I was thinking about you being that same person and learning your craft.

"I want to show the person who means the most to me in the world exactly what they can achieve when they put their mind to it and they practice because you're the person I want my daughter to be like."

In this season's X Factor, Robbie Williams is in charge of the groups, Ayda Field Williams will mentor the overs, One Direction star Louis Tomlinson will mentor the boys and Simon Cowell will mentor the girls.

The judging panel whittled the 130 hopefuls that made it through auditions down to 60, who will go on to compete in the Six Chair Challenge. It was previously revealed that the bootcamp stage of the competition has been eliminated for this series.

The X Factor continues next Saturday on ITV at 8.35pm.