Brian McFadden has apologised for remarks he made on Twitter after he was given a driving ban for speeding.

The former Westlife star was given a six-month driving ban in the UK when he was caught going over the speed limit for the fourth time in three years.

Following his appearance in court, he took to Twitter to complain that his punishment was unfair, writing: "Just left court in Nottingham. I was clocked doing 39 in a 30 zone. 6 months suspensions and £450 (€500) fine. Drink driver crashed his car, he got 12 months and an £85 (€95) fine."

"As far as driving to my gigs the prosecution suggested I tweet my followers for a life! (sic) Joke", he added.

When a person replied to him that "there’s a reason the speed limit is 30mph" and quoted a statistic saying "if you hit me at 40mph there’s an 80pc chance I’ll die, hit me at 30 and there’s an 80pc chance I’ll live", McFadden replied: "Then I’ll make sure I’m doing 50 so I definitely won’t have to listen to this."

The posts have since been deleted.

The remarks provoked a backlash among the 38-year-old's followers as well as Brake, the road safety charity, who branded the comments "irresponsible and disrespectful".

McFadden has now apologised for the comments, with his spokesperson telling the Press Association: "He apologises for any offence his Twitter comments may have caused.

"He was only making them relative to his own experience, which didn't involve anyone else and of course, in hindsight, realises that families whose lives have been effected by speeding drivers would feel strongly about this and apologises to them for his flippant remarks.

"He also adds, that he has learnt his lesson on this occasion and will definitely be more careful on the road when he's back on it in six months."