Environmental charity Friends of The Earth Ireland have added their voice to calls for action over the amount of rubbish left behind in campsites at Electric Picnic, saying that the problem is a reflection of "our throw-away culture".

Friends of the Earth Ireland has estimated that ten kilograms of waste per visitor - the equivalent of a full aircraft hand-luggage travel case - will be collected at the festival site in Stradbally, Co.Laois in the aftermath of last weekend's event.

Abandoned tents also make up a large part of the rubbish left behind by an estimated 55,000 revelers.

Electric Picnic organisers have again come in for heavy criticism for the annual litter problem. 

Speaking on Today with Sean O'Rourke on Tuesday, their Director Oisin Coghlan said festival organisers needed to do more in terms of encouraging people in the larger campsites to think about their waste.

Mr Coughlan said while festival organisers could do more, there was also a responsibility on each individual to do their bit.

He said we take for granted sometimes how our waste is disposed of but added that when an area the size of Galway is constructed for a weekend, the amount of waste it generates is more in your face.

He said a lot had been done on the arena side of things in terms of encouraging traders to use compostible packaging only and banning the use of plastic forks. But he said much more needed to be done.