Orla Fitzgerald is one of the stars of Taken Down and reckons the new RTÉ drama will "show a side of Ireland that maybe people aren't aware of".

From the makers of Love/Hate, this is a very different kind of drama, although it does deal with the criminal underworld – but this time the focus isn't just on gangsters.

"It's going to show a side of Ireland that maybe people aren't aware of, or haven't ever seen on television before," she says.

"It's a new crime drama, set in Dublin, and the first season deals with an immigrant girl who's murdered outside a direct provision centre.

"And then it takes you into the dark and murky world of slum landlords and criminals that prey on the vulnerable people."

And as for her own character in Taken Down, Fitzgerald - recently seen on television in the hugely successful comedy Young Offenders – will be on the side of law and order.

"I play a detective, Niamh," she adds. "Niamh is sort of married to the job, very dedicated, hard-working, good at her job.

"She's a feisty character, no-nonsense, says what she thinks – but she also likes a bit of craic and is up for the banter."