Doireann Garrihy and Amy Huberman are two faces that will feature prominently in the autumn on RTÉ television.

Amy, of course, is no stranger to our TV screens, but becoming a co-host on the revived Podge and Rodge show hasn't fazed Doireann.

"It's back, with a bang," she insists, when asked about the telly return of the O'Leprosy brothers. "And, yeah, they're as vulgar and as gross as ever. Hopefully I'll be able to handle it. I think I will.

"It's been eight years since they've been on the screen, and I'm kind of wondering . . . things have changed. A lot has changed. So we're going to shake it up and make it fresher. It'll be great fun."

Amy Huberman, meanwhile, is back on the box, but this time she's gone all Sharon Horgan as she's both the star and writer of a new show about a woman who finds herself in the limelight as she tries to get over a break-up.

"I've written a comedy/drama called Finding Joy," Amy explains. "We filmed in May and June, so we're kind of in the cutting room at the moment, which is a steep learning curve for me - but it's been such a brilliant ride so far.

"With this I've got no one to blame but myself," she adds with a chuckle. "Who wrote this?!?! . . . Me."