Laura Whitmore has opened up to RTÉ Entertainment about tracing back her family tree and says her upcoming episode on Who Do You Think You Are? "may be a bit like an episode of Angela's Ashes".

The 33-year-old Bray presenter admitted she is delighted she took part in the popular genealogy and revealed she felt it was "important to learn about the women in my family".

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment, the former MTV host said: "I've an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? for RTÉ's new schedule, so that airs soon enough.

"I came back home for about ten days at the beginning of the year. I found out that I am 100% Irish as far as you could go back," she laughed.

"It was lovely and very sobering. I learned a lot about where I come from which I think is really important for everyone."

"It may be a little bit like an episode of Angela's Ashes. I don't come from royalty and I don't come from a lot. It was really wonderful to do."

"For me it was very important to learn about the women in my family and how hard they had to work to provide for their family," she added.

Whitmore, who recently received praise for her frank letter on the pressure of social media, is set to star in Amy Huberman's new drama, Finding Joy, which tells the story of a woman who finds herself thrust into the limelight as she tries to get over a break-up. 

"Finding Joy is the baby of Amy Huberman - she wrote it and stars in it. She asked me to play the part of Flora. I don't know how much I can tell you. I was told not to tell you anything", she joked.

She added: "I'm in a few episodes and it was just great to be on board. I got to work with so many fantastic actors.

"Aisling Bea was on set on one of the days.  I don't think we should have had as much fun as we did. I don't think TV should be this fun, but we had a lot of fun filming it. Just watching Amy do her thing, she's incredible.

"I think it is such a wonderful story as well about a woman who I think a lot of women can relate with."

"Flora initially doesn't seem like the nicest person in the world. I had to get into character so I was just really horrible to everyone for a few weeks. I actually really like it because there is heart there," she said.

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