Doireann Garrihy told RTÉ Entertainment that she is pinching herself as she announces her new job as co-host of the Podge and Rodge show when it makes its comeback this year.

The journalist and social media star will be stepping in as co-host of the show when Ballydung Manor opens its doors once again as part of RTÉ's new autumn schedule.

"It's coming back and I am hosting alongside Podge and Rodge, I can't believe it, I'm still pinching myself," Garrihy told RTÉ Entertainment. "I'm so delighted to be involved."

Garrihy said that when she auditioned for the job, she instantly knew it was something she had to be involved in.

"From the minute I walked in and met them first I was like, 'If I don’t get this gig, I'll be gutted' and I got it and I'm so thrilled to be here and to be involved in it," she said.

When asked if the duo are still as rude as ever, she laughed, "They are yeah, even more so, they've come back with a bang, more vulgarity. I think I'm able to handle them – hopefully."

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