There's a bonkers reality show called Darkness, Danny Dyer's the subject of Who Do You Think You Are? and cracking US drama Succession continues on Sky Atlantic . . .

Pick of the Day

Succession, 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic & NOW TV

Last week's opening episode was a superb slice of telly - basically King Lear on crack cocaine - here's hoping this drama, starring Brian Cox as fictitious media baron Logan Roy and his considerably dysfunctional family, can maintain the momentum.

This week's episode sees patriarch Logan's decline in health set off a heated succession debate among his children, as the board rushes to inform the media about leadership contingencies before the stock market opens.

Meanwhile, Greg is tasked to retrieve some important items from the Roy apartment, and Kendall makes an impassioned final plea to keep Waystar/Royco in the family, before receiving some sobering news from long-time general counsel Gerri Kellman that dampens a moment of vindication.

WARNING: this trailer contains strong language . . .

New or Returning Shows

Darkness, 10.00pm, Discovery

Here's the reality show whose contestants could be considered mad, beyond stupid or just good, old-fashioned masochists.

At the start of each episode, three strangers descend to three different locations deep inside a cave or abandoned mineshaft in the Mojave desert. They have six days to find each other and work a way out through a different exit, all without any source of light.

They must do it without anything other than a helmet and a backpack containing some paracord (yep - parachute cord), a little water, and a tiny ration bar. Anything else they eat will have to be foraged for in the mineshaft.

Meet the Drug Lords: Inside the Real Narcos, 9.00pm, Channel 4

Ex-Special Forces soldier Jason Fox used to hunt down drug lords for a living. Now, in what promises to be a pretty dramatic three-parter, he travels unarmed as he seeks to understand how the billion-dollar drug cartels operate.

I'd imagine corruption, fear and intimidation factor large.

In this opening episode, Jason visits Colombia - where the global narcotics industry began. As we all know, Colombia's underworld remains one of the biggest traffickers of cocaine on the planet. And it's got a lot of crazy gangsters with guns and cocaine.

Can't see Ross Kemp ever outdoing this escapade . . .

Ending Tonight

George Clarke's Old House, New Home, 8.00pm, Channel 4

Over the centuries, Mark and Natalie's 300-year-old house in Broadstairs has also been a school and a sea captain's home.

For inspiration on how to refurb the place, George Clarke visits one of the UK's most exotic Georgian homes: the Royal Pavillion in Brighton.

The Prosecutors, 9.00pm, BBC Two

This two-parter follows the work of Eran Cutliffe, a senior prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service, over nearly two years, as she tries to build a case that will break new legal ground in the UK.

What she's tackling is happening in plain sight up and down the UK: child trafficking and exploitation.

The Modern Slavery Act was passed in 2015 in a bid to tackle new forms of slavery. But the way in which the new law can deal with the exploitation of children has never been tested in court.

Don't Miss

Who Do You Think You Are? 10.40pm, RTÉ One

Cor blimey, love a duck, etc. Cockney actor Danny Dyer sets out to discover the history of his family in the East End of London in this episode of the long-running lineage show.

Dyer discovers he is related to two English kings, but admits that he feels a closer affinity to another blood connection unearthed by researchers: Thomas Cromwell, a name reviled in (most of) Ireland.

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