It's so long and farewell to This Is Us and The Big Bang Theory, while former Harry Potter star Rupert Grint returns for more Sick Note fun and games . . .

Pick of the day

This is Us, 11.25pm, RTÉ One

It's the season two finale for this time-shifting empathy-loaded drama about several generations of the Pearson family. And it's time for a wedding!

As Kate's wedding day approaches, her recurring dream of parents Jack and Rebecca renewing their vows on their 40th wedding anniversary does not include Toby.

After unsuccessfully seeking 'something old' that's also connected to Jack, Kate then makes the room in her heart for Toby by resolving her grief over Jack's death.

Meanwhile, Toby's divorced parents disapprove of the marriage, fearing a relapse of the depression Toby suffered after his first marriage - but Toby demands that they celebrate the wedding or leave.

New or Returning Shows

Sick Note, 10.00pm, Sky One

The lies keep coming as Daniel (Rupert Grint) and Dr Glennis (Nick Frost) return for a second dose of the dark dramedy. And this time around, Lindsay Lohan joins the cast.

Things are looking pretty messy. Daniel is still pretending to be ill and he and Dr Glennis are struggling to keep track of all their lies. But it’s about to get a whole lot worse for this deceitful duo.

Daniel’s online gaming buddy, Will_5000, rocks up threatening to spill all their secrets and a spot of blackmail throws them in with a rather psychopathic drug dealer.

Inventing the Impossible: The Big Life Fix, 8.00pm, BBC Two

A team of inventors attempt to change the lives of three inspiring people with very different problems.

For example: 40-year-old Graham was passionate about snowboarding until an accident dramatically changed his life. Now severely disabled, he spends most of his time in a wheelchair, and with limited use of his arms and legs.

Graham dreams of one thing: getting back on the slopes and back on his snowboard again. Can award-winning engineer Yusuf Muhammed help make his wish come true?

Ending Tonight

Prison, 9.00pm, Channel 4

Capturing first-hand the escalating drug problem, the scale of violence that frontline staff and prisoners endure daily and the multiple challenges of dealing with people who suffer from mental health issues, the final episode reflects the issues that the prison service currently faces.

This episode explores mental health and the challenges facing the staff at Durham, where as many as 600 prisoners are estimated to suffer from mental health problems, and there are only 11 beds and one dedicated mental health nurse on duty.

Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing, 11.15pm, BBC Two

In this final episode, Paul and Bob decide to try and catch a legendary pike, which is perhaps not the best idea for two men of a certain age with heart problems.

Size Matters, 9.00pm, BBC Four

This two-part special shows that when it comes to the universe, size really does matter, and reveals why things are the size they are.

Having discovered in the first episode that making things bigger only ends in disaster, in episode two Hannah Fry is going the other way by asking whether or not everything should be smaller. But going smaller turns out not to be much safer . . .

Don't Miss

The Big Bang Theory, 7.00pm, RTÉ 2

It's the final episode of the global hit's 11th season and The Big Bang Theory just keeps on rolling along.

Like This is Us, this run comes to a climax with a wedding – this time involving Sheldon and Amy. Maid of Honour Penny is organizing the hotel and transportation arrangements for the wedding guests.

When Amy's parents and Sheldon's family arrive for the nuptials, everybody is focused on making sure all goes according to plan . . . well, everyone except the bride and groom.

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