Imelda May told RTÉ Entertainment that she is "writing like crazy" for her next album, a follow up to 2017's Life Love Flesh Blood.

Fans of May will be delighted to hear that she is hard at work on new material while she sees "where the song leads me."

"I'm writing like crazy," May told RTÉ Entertainment. "As an album, I don't know, I just write songs you know? Then I'll write a lot of songs and gather them together and see what the album is."

"I prefer to let myself go and see where the song leads me almost, and then I'll gather them all together and see what the full picture looks like," she added.

Life Love Flesh Blood saw May reinvent herself both in terms of her image and sound, and she said she's "enjoyed gigging this album a lot more."

Imelda pre-Life Love Flesh Blood

"I've always written honestly with my songs, it's just people picked up on it more with this album... Probably wasn't such a niche album but I've always written honestly," May said.

"But I've enjoyed gigging this album a lot more, well, if I'm honest I tend to enjoy each album more than the last one, because it's more current to me, it feels fresher. I like all my albums but it just feels like the right thing to be singing at the right time."

Imelda May plays the Summer Series at Trinity College Dublin on July 29.