In this exclusive sneak peek of the next episode from Summer Bay, Ebony makes her move on Robbo and Ziggy sets a date for her wedding.

Coming up in Thursday's Home and Away, Robbo makes it his mission to get closer to Ebony.

"Since dinner was a fail last night, do you want to try again for lunch?", he asks her.

The dinner date quickly heats up, with Robbo flirtatiously saying: "You've been here one minute and you're already getting me to take my top off."

Once Robbo is out of sight, Ebony springs into action, pouring a vial of poison into his champagne glass.

She makes a triumphant phonecall to Hazel, saying: "The flatmate is no longer an issue." 

Meanwhile, Ziggy sets a date for her wedding Brody.

"Two weeks, you're serious you want to get married in two weeks?!" is Brody's shocked reaction.

See the drama unfold as Home and Away continues at 1.30pm on RTÉ One and 6.30pm on RTÉ 2 on Thursday, July 12.

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