Singer Rufus Wainwright has said that he sees the possibility of good fall-out from the Trump Presidency.

Trump’s critics in the US have "only just got out of the shock stage" he observes, adding that when "everything’s in flux, that does traditionally translate into good art and good music and a need for depth and perspective.

Speaking to the Press Association, Wainwright described the current US administration as 'horrifying.'

"I’m hopeful that people will turn to art and culture… That’s the only positive part. I’m getting a sense… that people are in need".

 The 44-year-old singer, who plays the National Concert Hall in Dublin on July 10, described the UK as "arguably one of the great bastions of music on all fronts, whether it’s pop music, rock, classical".

He paid tribute to English showbiz folk. "As people they seem incredibly normal, everyday, whereas in the United States so many of the celebrities and music people are these sort of strange aliens that are invading the subconscious."

Wainwright has been spending time in England of late and unveiled a new song Peaceful Afternoon at Coventry Cathedral on June 22 in an intimate performance. The song may appear on a new so-called 'pop' album due soon from the singer.