Gorillaz and Blur frontman Damon Albarn has claimed that Kanye West trapped Paul McCartney when the two musicians collaborated on FourFiveSeconds.

Albarn, who has just released new Gorillaz's album The Now Now, made the allegations in an interview with French news magazine L'Obs on Thursday and since reported by the Daily Mail. He also deemed the partnership an 'abusive collaboration,' and likened West to a vampire.

The subject arose when the reporter mentioned Kanye's exhaustive gathering of samples for Pusha T's new record Daytona.

"I do not sample, I create music," Albarn responded, adding: "Do not get me started on Kanye West … Kanye West trapped Paul McCartney.'

Kanye worked with Macca on three tracks in 2015, All Day, Only One and FourFiveSeconds, which featured singer Rihanna.

Rihanna and Kanye West 

Albarn claimed that we do not actually hear McCartney on FourFiveSeconds. "Kanye West thinks only of Kanye West, uses a name to make headlines, to say ' McCartney is in my song' and puts McCartney in the video of the song, (in which he accompanies Rihanna and West on guitar) but not in the song itself."

Albarn added: "Before he decided to work with Kanye West, I sent a text message to McCartney saying, 'beware', but he ignored it, he does what he wants, it's Paul McCartney,'

"Kanye West is one of those people who feed on other people."