Singer-songwriter Jake Carter, Dancing with the Stars winner 2018 and country crooner Nathan's younger brother, said he "jumped at the opportunity" to work with The Saturdays star Una Healy when she asked him to record a duet with her.

19-year-old Carter has had quite the year since moving to Ireland from his native Liverpool in the summer of 2017. 

He's gone from starring in the panto as Aladdin, to lifting the DWTS glitterball trophy back in March, to pursuing his music ambitions with the release of an EP and two singles, the most recent of which is Take Me Dancing, and starting work on his debut album.

Speaking to RTÉ Entertainment, the friendly and outgoing singer said it's been "an absolutely mental year" and that he can't believe he's only been living in Ireland for a year.

"The amount of stuff that’s happened, it feels like I’ve been here five or six years", he said with a laugh. "It’s been a rollercoaster but it’s been great."

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Directly after winning the second season of Dancing with the Stars alongside his partner Karen Byrne, Carter embarked on a tour around the country - which he says was "absolutely amazing" - and then went into songwriting mode.

The high energy star tried to take a bit of downtime from his career, but couldn't stay away for long.

"There was a period where there was nothing, and that was the period where I was supposed to take a break but I was like ‘what do I do’ because I’ve gone from working every day... to doing nothing, so it was kind of a bit depressing I suppose.

"So I started doing a lot more songwriting by myself and a lot of co-writing and I released a brand new single then. Which I actually didn’t write, the single is called Take Me Dancing so it sounds as if I wrote it, but it was actually written by Una Healy, who I was a massive fan of growing up.

"I had The Saturdays poster on the wall, she probably thinks I’m a bit creepy!"

Healy approached the younger Carter brother to work on the single when they met on the set of Nathan's TV show last Christmas.

"We were having a few drinks after and got chatting about different types of music and stuff and she played me a song which she wrote and asked me what I thought of it", Carter said. "When I heard the song originally it was...very folky and with an acoustic guitar and it was really cool.

"And she asked me if I would like to do a duet on it and I honestly jumped at the opportunity to sing with a Saturday!"

Carter said Healy gave him "free rein" to do what he wanted with the track so he took it into the studio with his producer where they "messed about a bit".

"We tried stuff that I never would have tried, my music is very bubblegum pop, three minute pop songs... but this song when we were messing about did take a bit of a turn into the club mix kind of scene. So we did do a bit of messing and it ended up as it is which is a real sort of anthem type of tune."

Cater said the Thurles-born singer was probably "a bit surprised" by how the single turned out, but said "she was happy to take it in that direction".

Jake Carter says Una Healy was "probably a bit surprised" by the direction their new single took

"The Saturdays always experimented with different stuff as well so I guess she did expect us to change it up a bit", he added.

The singer-songwriter has just announced his first ever Dublin gig, in Vicar Street on Monday October 29, and has just begun work on his debut album, which he says has been a bit challenging during the heatwave.

"We started recording it the other day in the studio in about 26 degrees heat, I was walking around in my boxers because it was too hot and no one was about, so I was like ‘lads I’m just going to take my clothes off here because it’s too hot to be singing!'", he said with a laugh.

Carter says songs for the new record have been progressing well and that there's "a lot of different tracks on it" based on "a lot of stuff that's happened in my life".

"I love writing about stuff that you’ve actually been a part of because people can relate to it. We’re all the same, people have break-ups, they have relationships and stuff like that so I try to write about stuff that is real."

"This album already, there’s a lot of different styles of tracks on it. Then there’s all the usual Jake Carter cheeky tracks as well, and then there’s one track which took a bit of a turn in the studio which I didn’t intend for it to take, but then when it did go that way I thought it was cool, which has gone very funky, Justin Timberlake-type feel.

"So yeah, it’s going to be a bit of a mixture on the album, but I’m like that, I love all different types of music...There’s going to be something for everyone on this album."

Carter hopes to have the new record out at the start of next year, but he isn't going to rush the process.

"With it being my first album I really want it to be the best it can be, I want to pick the best songs, I want to pick the songs that mean the most to me because it is my first album and I’m going to cherish it for my life, so I want it to be right."

Jake Carter plays Vicar Street on Monday, October 29. Tickets are available now through usual Ticketmaster outlets nationwide.