Emmet lands himself in hot water with Melanie, take a sneak a sneak peek at the drama coming up in Fair City here.

Coming up in Sunday's episode from Carrigstown, Emmet is none too pleased when he bumps into Melanie outside the diner, telling Eoghan: "This is the last thing I need."

Melanie starts off the conversation on a conciliatory note, saying: "I was only trying to protect my son."

"Look Emmet did some stupid things, but you're making him out to be some kind of predator", Eoghan interjects.

"I never said that, but it's certainly not the example I want Alex to follow", Melanie fires back.

"Look, I said I'd steer clear of Alex. I have to focus on my sentence", Emmet says and Melanie says she tells him she hopes it works out.

However, Emmet can't help but put his foot in it by saying: "I know you're only being his mother. Alex is a good kid. He's probably just looking for a father figure."

Melanie is not pleased. "What did you say?" she asks him furiously.

Emmet looks bemused, saying: "Well that's normal, right?"

"Keep away!", Melanie demands and storms off.

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