DI Yates has some choice words for Cathal, but will Cathal heed his warnings? Take a sneak peek at the drama coming up in Fair City here.

In Thursday night's episode from Carrigstown, Cathal is smug as he tells Yates: "I'm going to do my business and there's pretty much nothing you can do about it."

He is soon stopped in his tracks by Yates' thinly veiled threats.

"We live in a world driven by information," Yates tells him. "People take that information and they work it to their advantage. But what if that information were to fall into the wrong hands?"

"What would Decco do if he knew that you are working for us? I know someone who would kill for that information," Yates continues, as Carol walks into The Station.

"What's the bet that Carol still knows some of Billy Meehan's old crew?" Yates asks as he turns around to face Carol, leaving Cathal looking shaken.

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