Aiken Promotions have released a statement following a string of complaints after Ed Sheeran's gig at Dublin's Phoenix Park on Wednesday night.

A number of unhappy fans took to social media after the concert to give out about blocked views, over-crowding and difficulties entering the venue.

One Twitter user posted, "I've been to many concerts in Phoenix Park but I've never been to one as poorly organised as Ed sheeran. 50% of the crowd couldn't fit inside the venue and inside there was a crowd crush. Worst concert I've ever been to."

Another concert-goer tweeted about the lack of planning and organisation, saying: "I am sorrrryyyyy but Phoenix Park for a gig is the worst place. So disappointed after seeing @edsheeran there tonight, he sounded great but the standing was a disgrace!!! Basically waisted €86 to see nothing. #EdSheeranDublin @aikenpromotions."

There were many tweets regarding the volume of people packed into the stadium and over-crowding. 

Aiken Promotions has since released a statement and have promised Friday's gig will run a lot more smoothly.

"Last night at the first Ed Sheeran concert at the Phoenix Park, movement of people through the large gap between two banks of seats (that is the connection between the concessions area/entrances and the viewing area/pitch) worked well all night until Ed took to the stage when we had approximately 5,000 people still to come in.

"When Ed went on stage those people who were in the concessions/toilet area and those still entering came in through the gap but did not move on to take a place in the designated standing area, they just stopped inside the gap to watch the show.

"This gap was not meant to be a viewing area, it was designed to facilitate movement between areas. This meant the people behind those who had stopped were unable to get into the viewing area and likewise some people were unable to get back out to the toilets for a time."

"There was at all times plenty of space left and right but it took time and many stewards and Gardai to move them on in. Once this had been done normal movement between the areas resumed.

"The team are meeting this morning to review it and are putting additional measures in place to prevent it happening again."

"There have been no reports of any (even minor) injuries as a result of this."

Sheeran will be back at the Phoenix Park over the weekend

Ed Sheeran will perform in Phoenix Park again on Friday and Saturday.