Coming up in Wednesday's Fair City, a worried Decco confides in Sash and Charlotte that the screwdriver that was used in Karen's murder is missing. Get a sneak peek of the drama here.

Decco tells Sash and Charlotte that Kerry hasn't formally been charged with Karen's murder yet. They ask him if the police need to find the murder weapon first.

"Look, the last time I saw it was in the house", Decco admits, before asking Charlotte if she moved the Sacred Heart picture.

She says she put it in the box for the Helping Hand and Decco is furious as he knows the screwdriver is hidden in the back of the picture.

"We need to find it, before the guards do", Sash says.

Charlotte has another idea.

"Unless you want her to go down for it. All I'm saying there's a way out if you want it", she says.

"And have my child grow up in prison? No thanks", Decco counters.

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