Half of U2 took a break from the North American leg of their eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour on Tuesday to make their first appearance on Ellen, where the frontman told the host that "U2 saved my life."

During the interview, the pair recalled meeting in school and now The Edge's late mother was U2's first roadie.

Ellen reminded Bono and The Edge that her very first concert was U2 on a riverboat on the Mississippi in New Orleans. "There was about 200 people there and it was when you were touring with Boy and it was the greatest concert to be at," she said. "The energy was just incredible and it meant so much to me that you were my first concert." 

Asked what drove them crazy about each other, The Edge said: "Early on, your lunch was not safe. Bono never had a lunch so he would borrow from other people's."

"I was a bit of a stray dog, my mother died when I was a kid, I was just a scavenger," Bono said. "It’s no joke to say it, nothing drives me crazy about them in any real sense because genuinely they kind of saved my life,"

"I really felt as a teenager, I had no reason to exist until I found them. And they also supplied food and refreshments. I don't know if this is interesting but my missus, Ali, I started dating her the same week I joined U2 and that was a great week."

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