Russell Crowe has celebrated his 54th birthday - and what would have been his 15th wedding anniversary - by holding an "art of Divorce" auction, which included items from some of his most successful movies. 

Crowe, who separated from singer Danielle Spencer in 2012, sold his torso armour from Gladiator for A$125,000 (€78,070), while his Master and Commander violin also fetched a handsome price, the BBC has reported. 

There was also fierce competition for his Cinderella Man jockstrap, which went for A$7,000 (€4,371), more than 10 times the estimate.

Also among the 227 lots of "stuff" at the auction, which Crowe referred to as a "watershed moment", were a scarf and a pair of old shoes from State of Play, numerous guitars he's collected during his time with his band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts, and chain mail and other clothing from Robin Hood.

However, there was also prized Australian art on show from artists such as Sidney Nolan and Margaret Olley.

The Gladiator replica chariot went for A$65,000 (€40,595), nearly seven times above estimate, but the neo-Nazi boots from Romper Stomper went on estimate at A$10,000 (€6,245).