Spider-Man star Tom Holland has admitted that he was told so little about the plot for Avengers: Infinity War that he started "ringing round cast members and doing my own research".

The 21-year-old features in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster that's overflowing with superheroes including Iron Man, Thor, the Guardians of the Galaxy ensemble and more.

Holland told The Graham Norton Show (tonight, BBC One): "You might as well ask me to talk about quantum physics.

Graham Norton

"I wasn't allowed to read the script because I have a tendency to tell people what's in it, so I have no idea what's going on or what the film is about.

"Most of the time I was acting a scene with a tennis ball and when I asked who it was supposed to be they wouldn't tell me, so I started ringing round cast members and doing my own research to try and work it out!"

Holland also told of an embarrassing moment between himself and pop star Madonna at the Oscars.


He said: "I'd had one too many when a friend of mine dragged me over to meet her. All the way there I was thinking, 'What should I say.' And all I came up with was 'Hello.'

"To cover the awkward moment my friend told Madonna I was a great dancer, so when she asked me to show her, I took her by the hand and started dancing with her.

"I was terrible and she was obviously unimpressed so I bailed and left, leaving her on the dance floor. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.

"When I told my family what happened, my dad was laughing, my mother was cringing and the best reaction of all was from my little brother who said: 'Who's Madonna?'!"